About Swag

I’ve always been described as being glamorous…but I think it’s just my swag. It might be the way I carry myself with confidence, or how I’ll walk into a store and pick out that one item others would only dream of being able to pull off. It might also be that I experiment with shades of reds and pinks on my lips, and my signature dark cat-eye. Call it what you will, but we all have habits and rituals that allow us to feel like ourselves. Mine involve my Rapunzel-like blonde hair, some blacked-out blue eyes, lips that change colour on a night out, and clothes that reflect my edgy, feminine yet scared-of-nothing personality. My style is sort of inspired by something you would see in a Burlesque show, but it resonates in different ways within my wardrobe and decor. Trust me- I do not dress to put on that kind of show!

I’m a sucker for accessories; that’s for damn sure. My second bank-breaker is shoes. Accessories set you apart from the person potentially wearing the same outfit as you (which actually never happens to me). Clothing can sometimes steer you wrong, but a huge bib necklace or a gold ring with spikes sets a Swaganista (see what I did there?) apart from the people who are scared to shine. I also love anything where studs are done right. Not the ones that are sewn onto clothes to make them look only half bad-ass either. Good materials are what sets apart the girl who is trying too hard an the girl who knows what to wear to achieve a specific look.

I write this blog with the intention to bring 20 something ladies out of their cozy fashion shell into a world where anything is possible; where fashion is a personal abstract and where swag comes from within and is reflected on the outside. I also want my ladies to be conscious of what suits them and what doesn’t. We all have a body image- just sometimes not an accurate one. Babes should feel comfortable in their clothing by wearing what fits to their own body. If something does not fit you right, come to terms with it and move on…but don’t wear it. Fashion is made from the top and trickles down to variations that are affordable. If something isn’t 100% right, there will be another version of it somewhere else. Hone your own style and work it out!

Heels, lipstick, studs, eyeliner, blacks and brights; whatever your poison, just make it work and make it you!

Now that’s swag.


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