Want>Need – My Holiday 2012 Wish List

Contemplating your holiday wish list is actually hard work. I’m at the point where I really don’t need anything, and that’s great, but that doesn’t keep stores from coming out with amazing products that I really want. This year it was actually really challenging to come up with a list, most of which I probably won’t get, but some that are absolutely essential to my future existence. Let me proceed to share.


On my wish list since literally forever is this Alexander Wang bag with some heavy duty studs on the bottom. I may have blogged about it before, because during the summer I was seriously coveting a royal/navy blue version of this in more of a bucket bag format. It’s just amazing, but way more than I can afford right now. Plus, I just picked up an unreal Michael Kors Hamilton bag (navy with gold hardware) at a sample sale last week for a third of its retail price.



Are you kidding me? It’s like someone made these with me in mind. One of the ‘essential’ items on my list for the new year are these babies from BCBG. They’ll make the library a little less boring because I’ll have an excuse to listen to music while I study.

These fucking rock.


I am not a die hard Pandora fan, but I think that when their items are well-priced, it’s worthwhile to buy them. These earrings on the left are only $55 and are real silver with black pearls, and this ring on the right is less than $100. These are great gifts, and I especially like that their rings are made thin enough that you can stack 2 or 3 of them for an awesome personalized look. I’d definitely wear both of these, and they’re simple and elegant, two words not usually describing my everyday wardrobe.


If you struggle with deciding what kind of look you’d like to go for when putting on your eyeliner, this amazing set on the left is literally all you need. I have always been a fan of the angle brush and the gel/liquid pot like the Smashbox one offered in the set, but among those are your regular black liners, and Kat Von D’s amazing Tattoo liner, featured alone on the right as well. I tried this liner over the weekend to touch up my cat eyes, and I loved how my two utensils were narrowed down to one fine tip that made a beautiful, easy, and lasting line. I still absolutely love the MAC fluidline that I usually use, but for an easier option, I’d definitely go with Kat Von D’s. Both of these products are available at Sephora.


I know what you’re thinking, these gold high tops are FLASHY, but with an all black outfit, they can definitely work. Michael Kors has really been going a little crazy with the studs, but I absolutely love it. Studs have been all over the place over the past year, and it’s finally getting to the point where people consider them not so crazy anymore.

The Steve Madden boots on the right are totally up my alley because they look a little more heavy duty than the average boot. Pair them with jeans or leggings and you’re  ready to go anywhere and look chic, even if you’re just jamming in some comfortable clothes.

I read in an article recently that guys are still infatuated by “The Lady in Red”. There’s something about a red dress, or a red coat that just stuns people. It’s not that kind of shock like” wow, what is she thinking?”, but more like, “wow, she’s confident enough to rock a bold red piece, so she must be interesting” kinda deal. To me, wearing red conveys that mysterious and sexy side that’s an essential part of being a woman. Plus, Michael Kors makes amazing trenches for a reasonable price. I definitely want one a red one.


And finally, for the tomboy in me, Salomon Suspect skis (or any new skis really). I’ve been skiing my entire life and I’ve had the same pair of skis since I was literally 12. I need some new ones, and these would definitely do. My next pair are going to be really cool looking, I can promise you that. I wait all year long to be able to bomb the slopes, and having older skis kind of cramps my style. Skiing is not that glamorous, but my favourite activity ever. At the end of the day my skin is red and puffy, I’ve probably fallen off of a jump and my hair literally looks like Albert Einstein’s or Harry’s from Dumb and Dumber, but I don’t even care. It even trumps shopping, and that’s huge.

What are some of your most coveted items for the holidays?

I’d love to see what else is out there,




About ChelseaSwag

I have recently completed my Criminology degree with a concentration in law and a minor in psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa. The past three years that I have spent away from my home in Montreal have only reconfirmed my ever-longing desire to become involved in the fashion industry in some way. Although there are a lot of fashion blogs out there, I have to first say that my own style will really resonate with the girls who are always looking to stand out- more so on a student budget. Different relatives and family members involved in the fashion industry have surrounded and shaped my love for fashion throughout my lifetime, however, none are quite so edgy as myself. I hope to enlighten the ladies that are looking to add a little extra oomph to their appearance, while also reflecting their own personal taste. But remember, swag is not only what you wear- it's a lifestyle. CP
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