Ever watch America’s Next Top Model and wonder what your life would be like with a model career? Despite the negative connotations of modelling depicted by the media, I’d say that modelling would be a pretty sweet gig. Imagine being able to wear designer clothing as your job. Even though the Haute Couture we see on the runway isn’t super accessible for everyday wear, it certainly brings out a creative aspect regarding the designers, the models, and us as spectators. It’s like living in a world where the reality of what we’re watching doesn’t need to be realistic, and we don’t even question it. It’s fashion, and it has no confines.

When I saw this picture, I was in complete awe. It’s kind of like that feeling that I get every time I see pictures of McQueen’s runway. My jaw drops, and I start to try and fathom what it would be like to own these incredibly creative and sometimes really weird ideas for clothing. And then I wonder, “where the hell can I see more of these dresses”?

It’s obvious here that the shoulders of the dress in the middle swallow Kiara whole, but these dresses look like they’re actually something out of some twisted gothic fairytale.

So, I wanted to show you more by Filipino designer, Furne One:

Amato Haute Couture

I am the Queen

To Dream of Heaven

Lady of the Lake

The creativity embodied n these dresses is beyond what words could justify. I often ¬†compare designs that I’m impressed by to McQueen because I feel that McQueen really changed up the game when it came to pushing the boundaries of Haute Couture and on the runway, as well. He constantly tried to shock the audience, and I feel that here, Furne One does the same but with soft hues (at least in the designs that I like).

When it comes to the top model contestants above, I love the dresses on the left and right. There’s something really special about each of them, and I think with a little tweak (and perhaps a little extra tulle to cover up our goods), they could be accessible in a more everyday setting. Sometimes simple is a little overrated, and sometimes, we need to let out the wild and the creative. That’s where fashion comes to save us from the mundane.

Falling into a dark and twisted fantasy,



About ChelseaSwag

I have recently completed my Criminology degree with a concentration in law and a minor in psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa. The past three years that I have spent away from my home in Montreal have only reconfirmed my ever-longing desire to become involved in the fashion industry in some way. Although there are a lot of fashion blogs out there, I have to first say that my own style will really resonate with the girls who are always looking to stand out- more so on a student budget. Different relatives and family members involved in the fashion industry have surrounded and shaped my love for fashion throughout my lifetime, however, none are quite so edgy as myself. I hope to enlighten the ladies that are looking to add a little extra oomph to their appearance, while also reflecting their own personal taste. But remember, swag is not only what you wear- it's a lifestyle. CP
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