Complete Outfits for the Summer Months

When it comes to choosing what to wear in the morning, I’m pretty decisive. Sometimes, however, I wake up and go into my closet and find myself not knowing what to wear at all. You know those days where you feel such little desire to wear anything you own? Well, instead of getting complicated on yourself, it’s best to keep it simple. That means a minimal amount of articles. No…it’s not acceptable to go to work in just your underoos, although it’s tempting on the hot days. I’m talking about dresses, shoes, and accessories minimal. All you need is 2 or 3 pieces in all to make an outfit, and you’re set!

Here are some amazing and available pieces that come together nicely and form the quick and chic kind of outfit that I’m talking about.

Excessive amount of boob in this picture… I bought both of these Forever 21 dresses a few days ago, and I’m wearing the green one today. It is absolutely stunning, and it’s actually a deeper emerald colour than what’s in the picture. I’ve yet to try on the cream high-low dress, but I’m anticipating good things. The amazing thing about these dresses is that they’re simultaneously simple and intricate. The cuts and colours speak for themselves, and they’re easily jazzed up.

I’m wearing camel-coloured wedges with the green one, but I think the nude/orange/yellow snake ones below from Aldo would go nicely. I absolutely love these; they’re perfect for summer. I also really love the unique look of the layered stripe Steve Maddens. I think they would go really well with the simple but elegant looking cream dress. I also love the Sam Edelmans with striped and hot pink detail  below, which would go well with either dress. The coral and cork Aldo wedges with the ankle strap would be an excellent contrast to the green dress, and would definitely blend with the cream one.
Pair either of these dresses with the colourful Forever 21 necklace below for a complete look.

I love the assymetrical abstract dress on the left, firstly because I adore when black and royal blue mix together. It’s a thing I have. Another reason is because I could see someone wearing this on a boat or casually in the streets somewhere in Europe. When I buy clothes, I think about what I want my pictures to look like while I’m on vacation, and I think this one is really flowy and beautiful. Because it’s dark for summer, though, I’d mix it with any of the taupe/hot pink/ yellow Zara platform pumps below to add a surge of colour.
The coral sailor shift dress is really cute and casual, and I’d pair it with the taupe platforms or a nice neutral coloured wedge or flat.

I love how the high-low dress has become a staple for this season’s fashion, and I enjoy the added twist of coverage with the shirt and collar top to the dress on the right. Black and white are so versatile that they could be paired with just about anything, but I have a thing for these playful sky blue Aldo wedges below. The combination of black, white, and any shade of blue is so crisp and clean!
Again, because of the versatility of these shades, they can be paired with a spiked wedge, like the Sam Edelman one below, too! The loose fitting two-tone dress on the left is ideal for leaving the house in a hurry while still looking put together. I’d even pair these two dresses with any of the other shoes featured above.

Stompin’ around in style,



About ChelseaSwag

I have recently completed my Criminology degree with a concentration in law and a minor in psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa. The past three years that I have spent away from my home in Montreal have only reconfirmed my ever-longing desire to become involved in the fashion industry in some way. Although there are a lot of fashion blogs out there, I have to first say that my own style will really resonate with the girls who are always looking to stand out- more so on a student budget. Different relatives and family members involved in the fashion industry have surrounded and shaped my love for fashion throughout my lifetime, however, none are quite so edgy as myself. I hope to enlighten the ladies that are looking to add a little extra oomph to their appearance, while also reflecting their own personal taste. But remember, swag is not only what you wear- it's a lifestyle. CP
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