Kat Von D Los Angeles

Kat Von D is probably most renowned for her own tattoos and work on ‘Miami Ink’, but what a lot of people don’t know is that Kat is actually a triple threat. Having already come out with her successful makeup line at Sephora, which merited previous mention on my blog, she’s now concentrating on the launch of her new clothing line: Kat Von D Los Angeles. Now it’s not what you’re expecting. If you’re thinking Kat Von D will apply her same creativity that she uses for tattoos to her clothing line, think again. We don’t want to rehash the Ed Hardy days. The line is actually elegant, detailed, and I would even say, high fashion.

It seems like Kat treats her entire world as a canvas. She embellishes everything as she pleases and I sincerely believe that there are truly no boundaries to her creativity. Her makeup line features a lot of bold colours, but most notably, she also came out with concealer that covers tattoos without looking cakey. Just imagine what it could do for your blemishes, then. Like tattoos, the makeup she’s created certainly does last.

I’ve previously mentioned her Ludwig Palette and Backstage Bambi hot pink lipstick as my favourites, but there are definitely more products to try from this line at Sephora.

This limited edition lipstick set is perfect because, I don’t know about anyone else, but it takes a long time to finish a full-sized tube. This set gives you the opportunity to try different shades of this high quality product, while you’re only spending a little less than 3 full-sized lipsticks would cost. The Metal Orchestra Palette has a lot of great basic colours, in addition to some rich ones like the deep purple third from the left. There are about 5 different palettes to choose from according to your personal style, as well.

A tutorial for the Metal Orchestra Palette is available here:

But back to her newest project: her clothing line. I really think that she’s going to knock it out of the park with this line, and her first collection definitely proves that with some very unique pieces.

Whether you choose red or black, the Napoleon Coat is truly unique with its military-esque style and chain embellished shoulders. I also like the contrasting cuffs. This jacket is really interesting because we see a lot of wool pea coats around, but they usually look so standardized. This is definitely a jacket to be remembered.

If the Napoleon is too much for you, this Beethoven jacket with structured shoulders and a draping back is also a viable option. It’s not as jazzed up with embellishment, but the defined structure speaks for itself.

On the brighter and less gothic side, Kat’s created a sweet looking Quill sweater with a really nice feather print, and the Peacock sweater on the right. I told you guys feathers were in.

A lot of this line incorporates the use of sheer and opaque fabrics in the same garment. I think those Fur Elise tights on the left are really nice, but you have to be wearing heels to pull them off. The Katherine blazer on the right would look great worn open with a camisole underneath. Or, you know, just like that if you’re daring.

This 100% silk Emily top is a gorgeous dark taupe with black lace detail. Definitely one of my favourite pieces of the collection.

To shop or browse the Kat Von D Los Angeles line, visit her official website.

And to check out her makeup line at Sephora, visit here.

Kat Von D has really inspired me to treat my world like a blank canvas that I’m going to embellish the way I want,



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2 Responses to Kat Von D Los Angeles

  1. Janelle says:

    I just got a mascara from her make-up line and so far so good. It’s great that she’s branching out; my fave has to be the quill sweater! Embellish away, Chels!

  2. Leah Hargreaves says:

    I loooooooove the Napoleon jacket!! BRB wasting away my morning on her website.

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