Y. U. MAD.

I was just enlightened. My friend Rachel just posted a music video on my Facebook, and aside from the catchy tune and the collaboration of some of my favourite rappers, I was bewildered by all the swag. Between Nicki Minaj, my boy Lil’ Wayne, and Birdman, you could have bet your bottom dollar that this video was going to be swagged out from second 1.

So here’s the deal. Weezy is now focussing on establishing himself as a well-rounded talent rather than just a rapper. Everyone knows he can rap, sing, play some guitar, jump around the stage and seduce the crowd, etc…but now he’s really focussing on skating. For some reason or another, he has become completely enthralled by skateboarding, so much so that most of his social media updates revolve around his skating feats. It’s funny, but it also shapes a lot of his style nowadays. This Marc Jacobs Oversized Trapper hat features heavily dyed fox fur, and Y I’M MAD is because it’s $1200.

If you watch the video he’s wearing a skateboarding backpack as well. When he’s serious about something, he just goes for it. We should all take a lesson from Weezy’s determination to challenge himself.

But the belle of the ball here has to be Nicki Minaj, or “the female Weezy” as she’s dubbed herself for this music video. When she’s not donning the Hervé Léger bandage swimsuit, she’s dressed up and swagged out exactly like Lil’ Wayne; dreads and boxers sticking out of her army pants, with some sick Adidas kicks and a wife beater. But back to the bandage swimsuit, I had a bet with myself that it had to be by Hervé so I did a little searching and I was right. When it comes to cutout and the bandage look, Hervé Léger is king. His designs are the highest tier of what you would be able to find at BCBG, and a swimsuit usually runs at about $600. I was surprised at how the bandage style still flattered a curvier girl like Nicki. It’s just MAD.

 Although this swimsuit doesn’t seem to be available, a similar one can be found on BCBG/Herve Leger’s website.

And finally, there’s Birdman. He calls himself the coach of YMCMB because he helped Lil’ Wayne immensely at getting where he is today. YMCMB is Wayne’s baby, and Wayne is Birdman’s baby. It’s all very cute.
The first item that immediately caught my eye in this video has been previously featured on my blog. It’s those studded Louis sneakers by Christian Louboutin, available here. Instead of opting for the habitually silver hardware, Birdman rocked out black on black like a true G should.

You can see him wearing these beauties when he’s rapping next to the white Maybach at 1:28. I’m also a sucker for beautiful cars…you have to know about luxury cars; it’s just a rule if you’re gonna claim you have swag.

I’d also like to point out the extra in the black and studded bikini above at 2:43…I would just kill for that. It’s so gorgeous and cone studs are the ultimate way to jazz up a swimsuit.

As much as some rap videos can become repetitive and cheesy, at least the emphasis here is on some quality fashion. I’d rather watch a decked out music video than one that has all these girls strutting around wads of money and expensive cars in tight metallic lamé. Gross.

So why am I MAD? I’m mad that I wasn’t asked to be a part of this video…or to at least style it. If only they knew me…



About ChelseaSwag

I have recently completed my Criminology degree with a concentration in law and a minor in psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa. The past three years that I have spent away from my home in Montreal have only reconfirmed my ever-longing desire to become involved in the fashion industry in some way. Although there are a lot of fashion blogs out there, I have to first say that my own style will really resonate with the girls who are always looking to stand out- more so on a student budget. Different relatives and family members involved in the fashion industry have surrounded and shaped my love for fashion throughout my lifetime, however, none are quite so edgy as myself. I hope to enlighten the ladies that are looking to add a little extra oomph to their appearance, while also reflecting their own personal taste. But remember, swag is not only what you wear- it's a lifestyle. CP
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