Simple Details

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Everyone knows that beauty goes further than beyond that first glance. Sometimes you have to take a really long look at the details that make up that one item before you decide that you need to have it. I’m finding that a lot of Fall looks are more subdued than last Fall’s collections, but they’re still detailed. Whereas last Fall focused on really bold prints and fabrics, military and Michael Jackson-styled jackets and clothing, this Fall is more focused on a simpler, girlier look.

While there are still those black pieces that look hardcore no matter what, a lot of what’s in store is more earthy and floral. This season you can expect to see a lot of punches of colour, but not necessarily brights. Khakis, wine, beiges, and dark blues are making it into this season’s fashion, and I think it’s all about pairing those intricately detailed pieces with plainer, but equally as potent ones.


This genuine leather skirt from is a perfectly chic piece on its own (especially in that burgundy), but can be paired with the feathered tank to the right, or even a top like the one in the same picture. These pieces are versatile because they can be easily transformed from a more casual look into an outfit appropriate for Downtown.

I absolutely love the Wildfox top on the left. I love clothing that has just the right rips in it, and paired with sequins and a cute little mushroom makes this top edgy but cute at the same time.

The wine-coloured blazer in the middle can be such a diverse piece because the colour is perfect for the Fall season. It can also be paired with enough shades to add a polished look to every outfit. It would be a nice change from that staple black blazer in your closet, for sure!

The Markus Lupfer shirt on the right is so lovely because it combines girly flower petals that create the look of a skull (my fav). It could be worn under a blazer, such as the one next to it, or on its own. As I mentioned before, the details are subdued but still intricate at the same time.

Hurry up, the top on the left is on a superb sale on! I love the detailing in this shirt, so much so thatI wouldn’t add anything to it. I’d wear it tucked into an all black ensemble, probably loose-fitting pants and a blazer so that the rest of the outfit is more casual and the detail stands out.

The skirt in the middle is so in this season. These long skirts are being sold everywhere, and since they are sort of high-waisted, they are usually featured with tanks or long sleeves that can be tucked into the skirt. The style is a little bit retro, but simultaneously very chic and simple.

I posted a similar dress to this tunic in my Pre-Vegas post, but there’s something so sexy about lacey long-sleeved dresses. This one from Free People adds bell sleeves and can be best worn with tights to make the tunic look more casual. Even patterned tights would look great because the detail in the lace isn’t so apparent.

At first glance, this Sue Wong beaded shift dress doesn’t look like it has much detail at all; just a nice finish at the bottom of the dress. Looking closer you see that it’s completely beaded with a scalloped finish at the hemline. The details are there, but they’re not so in-your-face for a subtler type of beauty.

The dress in the middle was on a serious sale at during the 50% off Fall promotion, so I snagged one for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas. I like it because the cutouts have sheer fabric inserts which provides for a still-covered-up sexy look. I bought it for like $30, but now it’s back up there. Lucky me!

Finally, this blush coloured dress with its shoulder detail is super girly and sweet. The Grecian look is super cute, and the colour is very subdued. The shoulders are the main focal point of the dress, and because it’s so simple, it can be jazzed up with some amazing shoes.

I hope this post shows how simplistic and detailed clothing can work together to achieve a unique look. Sometimes the fabric alone speaks for itself!




About ChelseaSwag

I have recently completed my Criminology degree with a concentration in law and a minor in psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa. The past three years that I have spent away from my home in Montreal have only reconfirmed my ever-longing desire to become involved in the fashion industry in some way. Although there are a lot of fashion blogs out there, I have to first say that my own style will really resonate with the girls who are always looking to stand out- more so on a student budget. Different relatives and family members involved in the fashion industry have surrounded and shaped my love for fashion throughout my lifetime, however, none are quite so edgy as myself. I hope to enlighten the ladies that are looking to add a little extra oomph to their appearance, while also reflecting their own personal taste. But remember, swag is not only what you wear- it's a lifestyle. CP
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