Items Your Wardrobe Craves

Ever have these epiphanies where you were just like, “if this existed, my life would be so much cooler”? Well I do. I often think of accessories in my head, but as we’re not all designers, and it’s hard to bring these thoughts to fruition. It seems, though, that some designers have heard our thoughts and have answered our prayers, making some really bad ass accessories.

First and foremost, my favourite, the Flask Bangle.

flask bangle


Not only are these Cynthia Rowley bangles amazing, they’re useful too. I’d feel so tacky bringing a flask into a bar, but this method gives you the option, while remaining totally clandestine and fabulous.

50 Shades of Fashion

cast of vices


I’ve always wanted to incorporate handcuffs into a bracelet style, but just stacking a pair on your wrist looks a little bit too risqué to be fashionable. This amazing bangle by Cast of Vices had read my mind and has definitely delivered a sleek and classy handcuff, while maintaining edge.

iPhone Users are Tough, too. 




rebecca minkoff


This Rebecca Minkoff iPhone case plays on the look of brass knuckles. It’s a spinoff of McQueen’s famous knuckleduster clutches, but a really different version of the traditional  iPhone case. If I had an iPhone, I’d have this case.

Head Protection

spike cap asos


This spiked cap from ASOS doubles as some fierce head protection and a versatile fashion accessory. I often try to find hats that are a little bit different, but not in an Ed Hardy type of way. Those days are over; spikes are taking over the world.

Does anyone else ever think of amazing accessories and wish they existed? Share with the rest of us.


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Covet of the Day

I was actually a really good girl in Florida. I didn’t shop too much, except for the awesome deal I got on an amazing pair of Cole Haan biker boots and a couple of little things. It wasn’t until I got to Fort Lauderdale Airport that I started to browse. There’s an awesome sunglasses store there that I usually go to; they have an amazing selection. I’ve seen lots of different pairs before that I wouldn’t normally find elsewhere.

Then I fell in love with these, and now they’re all I want.

Dolce and Gabbana Sicilian Baroque Collection

gold sici baro campaign



They’re so unique and special, I just need to have them one day. It’s everything ME embodied in one pair of sunglasses, and I love the artsy look on the cat-eye-like frames.

gold sici


A face-full of bling

sicilian barocque


If these are all I buy all year, I’d be incredibly satisfied.

What do you think of these? Right on the money, or too flashy?

The more baroque, the better.


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Winter Trends: Amazing Jackets and Coats

Sometimes it seems almost painful to think about a fashionable outfit to brave the cold. As Canadians, however, we have to do our best to survive this weather while also remaining trendy and put-together.

Depending on the day and temperature, there are some amazing easy-to-follow trends that can take your winter get-up a few notches higher on the fashion scale. As much as we’d love to live in our tuques and bomber jackets, there are definitely some chic alternatives we  can ditch these wardrobe staples for.

More importantly, your jacket or coat will say it all this season, so make sure you choose a style that speaks to your own personal taste. Here are some of my favourite styles for the cold months.

For the warmer days: Military Inspired Pea Coats

Zara – Khaki Military Jacket

khaki zara

Zara – Cropped Military Jacket zara black military

For the Cold: Fur Lining and Down

Mackage – Adali B

mackage adali b

mackage short



Faux Fur Accessories:

ASOS Faux Fur Cossack Hats



cossack hat faux fur asosknit cossack asos



Danier Fur Trim Leather Gloves danier fur trim gloves


Don’t be shy to layer on the fur (or faux fur) accessories to complete a chic winter look, while also keeping warm. There are some amazing winter accessories out there, so find what works for you!



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Want>Need – My Holiday 2012 Wish List

Contemplating your holiday wish list is actually hard work. I’m at the point where I really don’t need anything, and that’s great, but that doesn’t keep stores from coming out with amazing products that I really want. This year it was actually really challenging to come up with a list, most of which I probably won’t get, but some that are absolutely essential to my future existence. Let me proceed to share.


On my wish list since literally forever is this Alexander Wang bag with some heavy duty studs on the bottom. I may have blogged about it before, because during the summer I was seriously coveting a royal/navy blue version of this in more of a bucket bag format. It’s just amazing, but way more than I can afford right now. Plus, I just picked up an unreal Michael Kors Hamilton bag (navy with gold hardware) at a sample sale last week for a third of its retail price.



Are you kidding me? It’s like someone made these with me in mind. One of the ‘essential’ items on my list for the new year are these babies from BCBG. They’ll make the library a little less boring because I’ll have an excuse to listen to music while I study.

These fucking rock.


I am not a die hard Pandora fan, but I think that when their items are well-priced, it’s worthwhile to buy them. These earrings on the left are only $55 and are real silver with black pearls, and this ring on the right is less than $100. These are great gifts, and I especially like that their rings are made thin enough that you can stack 2 or 3 of them for an awesome personalized look. I’d definitely wear both of these, and they’re simple and elegant, two words not usually describing my everyday wardrobe.


If you struggle with deciding what kind of look you’d like to go for when putting on your eyeliner, this amazing set on the left is literally all you need. I have always been a fan of the angle brush and the gel/liquid pot like the Smashbox one offered in the set, but among those are your regular black liners, and Kat Von D’s amazing Tattoo liner, featured alone on the right as well. I tried this liner over the weekend to touch up my cat eyes, and I loved how my two utensils were narrowed down to one fine tip that made a beautiful, easy, and lasting line. I still absolutely love the MAC fluidline that I usually use, but for an easier option, I’d definitely go with Kat Von D’s. Both of these products are available at Sephora.


I know what you’re thinking, these gold high tops are FLASHY, but with an all black outfit, they can definitely work. Michael Kors has really been going a little crazy with the studs, but I absolutely love it. Studs have been all over the place over the past year, and it’s finally getting to the point where people consider them not so crazy anymore.

The Steve Madden boots on the right are totally up my alley because they look a little more heavy duty than the average boot. Pair them with jeans or leggings and you’re  ready to go anywhere and look chic, even if you’re just jamming in some comfortable clothes.

I read in an article recently that guys are still infatuated by “The Lady in Red”. There’s something about a red dress, or a red coat that just stuns people. It’s not that kind of shock like” wow, what is she thinking?”, but more like, “wow, she’s confident enough to rock a bold red piece, so she must be interesting” kinda deal. To me, wearing red conveys that mysterious and sexy side that’s an essential part of being a woman. Plus, Michael Kors makes amazing trenches for a reasonable price. I definitely want one a red one.


And finally, for the tomboy in me, Salomon Suspect skis (or any new skis really). I’ve been skiing my entire life and I’ve had the same pair of skis since I was literally 12. I need some new ones, and these would definitely do. My next pair are going to be really cool looking, I can promise you that. I wait all year long to be able to bomb the slopes, and having older skis kind of cramps my style. Skiing is not that glamorous, but my favourite activity ever. At the end of the day my skin is red and puffy, I’ve probably fallen off of a jump and my hair literally looks like Albert Einstein’s or Harry’s from Dumb and Dumber, but I don’t even care. It even trumps shopping, and that’s huge.

What are some of your most coveted items for the holidays?

I’d love to see what else is out there,



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Ever watch America’s Next Top Model and wonder what your life would be like with a model career? Despite the negative connotations of modelling depicted by the media, I’d say that modelling would be a pretty sweet gig. Imagine being able to wear designer clothing as your job. Even though the Haute Couture we see on the runway isn’t super accessible for everyday wear, it certainly brings out a creative aspect regarding the designers, the models, and us as spectators. It’s like living in a world where the reality of what we’re watching doesn’t need to be realistic, and we don’t even question it. It’s fashion, and it has no confines.

When I saw this picture, I was in complete awe. It’s kind of like that feeling that I get every time I see pictures of McQueen’s runway. My jaw drops, and I start to try and fathom what it would be like to own these incredibly creative and sometimes really weird ideas for clothing. And then I wonder, “where the hell can I see more of these dresses”?

It’s obvious here that the shoulders of the dress in the middle swallow Kiara whole, but these dresses look like they’re actually something out of some twisted gothic fairytale.

So, I wanted to show you more by Filipino designer, Furne One:

Amato Haute Couture

I am the Queen

To Dream of Heaven

Lady of the Lake

The creativity embodied n these dresses is beyond what words could justify. I often  compare designs that I’m impressed by to McQueen because I feel that McQueen really changed up the game when it came to pushing the boundaries of Haute Couture and on the runway, as well. He constantly tried to shock the audience, and I feel that here, Furne One does the same but with soft hues (at least in the designs that I like).

When it comes to the top model contestants above, I love the dresses on the left and right. There’s something really special about each of them, and I think with a little tweak (and perhaps a little extra tulle to cover up our goods), they could be accessible in a more everyday setting. Sometimes simple is a little overrated, and sometimes, we need to let out the wild and the creative. That’s where fashion comes to save us from the mundane.

Falling into a dark and twisted fantasy,


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Designer Tea & Making it Through Living at School

Everyone has their addiction that gets them through the day. Some of you nasties smoke, others hit the bar, some take caffeine pills or dose yourselves with 5 coffees a day (guilty), and others like to drink lots of tea. Not just any tea though; David’s Tea.

Ever since I came back to Montreal, I’ve developed this insane obsession with tea. I used to visit David’s Tea casually, like when I’d walk by, or in the summer when I wanted something iced that wouldn’t be 500 calories (cough, Starbucks). It seems that the more you go, the more adventurous you get.

When I’m at Starbucks, it’s a Grande Nonfat Cappuccino ALL THE TIME. When I go to David’s Tea, though, I’m constantly trying new things to find my favourites. The amazing part is that there’s so much selection to choose from, and their swag is infinitely better than any other place’s. Where else would entice me to buy a mug set? Am I 80? For real though, they’re beautiful mugs.

So for the holiday season and just general life, I want to share which amazing teas have been getting me through my 12 hour days at school, and my decaf bedtime ritual teas.

I’ve mentioned my Moroccan heritage somewhere on this blog before, but mint tea represents more than just a drink for me, it reminds me of my grandmother. She makes the best Moroccan mint tea ever, and serves it in the type of glass you see above. It’s an awesome digestif for after a meal, or to just relax before bed. This one above is amazing because it’s organic and also has a very distinct and refreshing taste.

I can’t pick a favourite, but this winter collection Chocolate Chili Chai tea would be top 3. I’m a huge fan of chocolate teas; partially because they cut my chocolate cravings and also because they’re just amazing. The mix of chocolate with chai and a little piquant makes for an excellent caffeinated black tea that’s a great replacement for coffee during the day.

This was the last tea I had in-store and I don’t know if the girl heard me or not about not putting any sweetener, but when I tasted it, I couldn’t believe I was drinking tea. I’ll have to do some more investigating, but it actually tasted creamy, refreshingly minty, and very different. It’s one of the most popular teas of the season, and I can now see why!

Forever Nuts and I go way back. As one of the first teas I’ve ever tried from David’s Tea, I was astonished by how this mix of flavours works so well. It’s nutty, obviously, but the drink turns a very nice pink because of the dried beets inside. I know what you’re thinking, beets are disgusting, but in here they actually work! Caffeine free, this herbal tea is a must-try.

I find that with a lot of teas, they smell better and stronger than they actually taste, which is rather deceiving. Mamma Mia is amazing because if you let it steep, it’s extremely flavourful. It’s also an herbal tea, but seriously one of the most distinct and potent flavours I’ve tried. Will definitely purchase again!

A lot of people find black tea to be too strong, so this rooibos tea embodies my two favourite flavours (chocolate and mint) without the underlying strength of black tea. Hence, it’s very refreshing and tasty. When I come home at 10pm and I want a snack, but know there’s no real point in eating before bed, I grab this and I’m satisfied.

The one that started my love affair with David’s Tea. Read my Lips is the first tea I ever tried and I was immediately sold on the brand. Again, theres mint and chocolate, but really funny little red hot lips that add cinnamon to the mix in a black tea. Sometimes when you make tea, the flavour varies from time to time depending on the concentration, but Read my Lips is always bang on with flavour. It’s also available in the very practical pre-packaged sachets below.

As you’ve probably noticed, I like my tea bittersweet. Whenever I bring Toasted Marshmallow to the library in my Timolino tumbler, everyone stares in my direction because it literally smells up the room and makes people crave whatever I’m having. It’s a caffeinated black tea, the marshmallows melt for a little something sweet, and it’s cinnamon taste is unreal. Definitely one of my favourites.

This is probably the coolest advent calendar I’ve ever seen, and a great way to try new teas without committing to buying a whole cup or baggie. For the 24 days leading up to Christmas Eve, you can try a new tea for each day and remember your favourites. I love this concept because it would force me to try teas I would never try in stores. Screw chocolate, tea is my new indulgence.

I literally don’t go anywhere without my Timolino. Before discovering this tumbler, I would never bring hot beverages anywhere. They’re a pain to carry, and I really don’t feel like having them leak all over my laptop. The store guaranteed me, however, that the Timolino doesn’t leak at all (true) and it has a built in infuser, and also a secret compartment for a second dose of tea. It’s actually amazing!

For some reason these mugs make me feel so earthy. They’re panted in relaxing hues and they just feel sturdy and trendy at the same time. They were originally $40 for the set, but have come down to half price. They’re an incredible holiday gift for the coffee/tea lover.

Want more servings for cheaper and less mess? If you like any of these flavours, you’re in luck. These 25 packs are only $9.50 and last a lot longer, in my opinion, than a tin of 100g that would cost you around $15. I hope they start making more of these.

So there you have my favourite picks for the season and for the home/student life. If you’re not sure what you like, the staff at most locations are very helpful and patient with you, which is a nice change!

Walk into the store, and I dare you to walk out empty-handed. It’s literally impossible because there are so many choices and amazing accessories for the home.

Sippin’ on something strong,


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Pumped up Kicks

Life is so hard when you can’t shop. Walking around the mall ‘window shopping’ is seriously not as fun as the real deal. But, I did find my most coveted item of the season while doing so: Hidden Heels. If you would have told me that sneakers with a wedge would be coming into style, I would have laughed in your face and told you to just end my misery if I were caught wearing those. That is, until I saw them. These shoes kept popping up everywhere, and once I saw a friend wearing ones with spikes down the back, I was sold. Obviously.

So these babies look exactly like high top sneakers, except they do the amazing wonders that heels do for your posture, and your height. With a 2-3 inch wedge, you’ll have people wondering whether you grew overnight, or whether they’re seeing funny, because the shoes I’m about to show you have a mystery wedge covered by a sneaky sneaker-like exterior. I’ll take them all, please.

Left: Jeffrey Campbell, available at Little Burgundy.

Right: Ash

Left: Jeffrey Campbell

Right: River Island

I love these classic kicks with a metallic finish. You can’t even notice that they have a heel, and the metallic touch is girly in a pair of shoes that would otherwise be a little tomboy-ish. Paired with leggings and a cute sweater, or a leather jacket, you’re ready to go and looking spicy!

Left: River Island

Right: Steve Madden

Left: Jeffrey Campbell

Right: Aldo

And finally, Etoile by Isabelle Marant. Drool. You can get all of those above for the price of these red beauties!

So when you’re thinking about going casual and adding a little kick (pun intended), think about a pair of hidden wedges for a relaxed but chic vibe.

Struttin’ my way through my favourite season (jokes, it’s midterm season),


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